Athens : Ten Images in B&W

Athens : Ten Images in B&W

Athens : Ten Images in B&W

These are ten images I took in Athens during my last trip. The capital of Greece can be very atmospheric so I chose black and white.

Athens : Ten Images. Gazi

The old Gasworks also known as Gazi are a live neighborhood in the heart of the city. The old facilities have been transformed into a cultural area.

Athens : Ten Images. Acropolis Museum

Visitors flood Acropolis Museum on a daily basis


Escalators in Athens Metro

Ionic Column

An Ionic order Column supports the Propylaea against the Athenian sky


Panathinaiko stadium also known as Kalimarmaro viewed from Lycaebetus Hill


The Ancient Agora and Hyphaestus Temple

Acropolis museumThe Acropolis Museum

Archeological museum Athens

The Jockey of Artemision. A masterpiece from bronze located in the Archeological museum of Athens

Ancient agora

Stoa of Attalos in Ancient Agora of Athens

Street Artists

Street Artists performing on Monastiraki square

Athens is a great city to photograph. From it’s classic architecture to its busy streets. You can really spend hours or even days getting around the small alleys of the historical center and discover something new around every corner. Athenians are easy going and most of them won’t mind if you shoot them while passing.

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