Bratislava : Why you should visit the capital of Slovakia

Bratislava : Why you should visit the capital of Slovakia

Bratislava: Why you should visit the capital of Slovakia

The iconic castle of Bratislava and St. Martin on the north bank of Danube

The iconic castle of Bratislava and St. Martin on the north bank of Danube

Bratislava is one of the jewels of the Danube river. The capital of Slovakia lies on the banks of Danube on the western border of Slovakia, just 45 minutes from Vienna.

While walking around, it’s not difficult to witness the soviet past of the country. But then again Bratislava doesn’t deny it. On the contrary it embraces it as it embraces everything new that is being going on in the city.


St. Martin

Slovaks are relaxed and open minded people and you can see that when you walk around the town, even if most of

them don’t speak English. Bratislava is a city which is a joy to walk. From the Danube banks to the old town, to it’s beautiful parks and squares.IMGP2753IMGP2740

It’s got a natural appeal. It’s difficult not to like it as you walk through the Sad Janka Kráľa park , or have a coffee or a beer on Dunajsky Pivovar, a barge transformed into a botel and restaurant on the right bank. From there you can cross the SNP bridge (UFO) to the other bank and visit St. Martin, the iconic castle of Bratislava and of course the old town.

The old town with it’s paved roads, the cathedrals,the museums, the opera,the malls,the bars and restaurants. Whatever your interests are Bratislava has something for everyone.

Local cuisine.

From the humble “halusky” and “kapustnica” to goulash and all kinds of soups. Kapustnica is prepared around Christmas and it’s a delicious soup made of sauerkraut, sausage and lots of red pepper. If you are in Bratislava around the end of November or December you should definitely taste it in one of Bratislava’s Christmas Markets. The local cuisine is rich in meat like pork, beef and duck accompanied with thick sauces, sauerkraut and something to help you pick the sauce like knedle (local boiled bread) or loksha (something like crepe).


For transfers within the city limits your choices are tram, bus and taxi. They are fairly cheap but keep in mind that if you call a taxi from a firm, it’s much cheaper than stopping a taxi on the road or picking one from a taxi stand because some of them, tend to charge whatever they feel like and there have been many complaints lately.  You can also use mobile applications to help you with that. Tram is probably the most convenient way to go around downtown.


Streets of Bratislava

Bratislava intercity transportation is also excellent. Buses and trains are available throughout the day.  Bratislava location and reasonable prices make it a very good starting point for other travels in central Europe. It’s less than an hour from Vienna, less than two hours from Budapest, 4 hours from Prague and if you are willing to stretch it a little bit more Krakow is a 5 hour drive but with poor options for train or bus (7-10h).


River boat on Danube


It can start from 40€. In general the prices are very reasonable and you can find a very nice hotels for 55-65€ for a double room. If you feel like you can also book a botel on the Danube. I booked a very hip 4 star hotel called Mercure Centrum (review) last time and paid 61€ for a double room with breakfast. If you look on the internet you will always find some great deal.

Girl drinking

Local population

Bratislava is a beautiful capital. With population a little less than half a milion it has the perfect size to be walked. It big enough without being chaotic. It’s cozy, green, very manageable cost wise and it has this central European charm. A city worth visiting.

Did you know that Slovakia is a country that has many amazing castles? Check out the magnificent Spis Castle.


A brewery in a Botel

The opera

The opera


The General overlooking the Danube

Bratislava : Why you should visit the capital of Slovakia
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  1. Anna Shirley on 13 April, 2016 at 03:20

    I love your pictures. It is true that Bratislava has fantastic central position like you pointed out. Pity is that from the architectural point of view is the chaos. Bratislava is the mix of beauty and ugliness. I can imagine to give a chance to young architect to create modern and vibrant city. There is still a hope. o)

    • Chrisostomos Kamberis on 13 April, 2016 at 08:43

      Believe me it could be worst. I grew up in Athens which is the ultimate concrete jungle. Some cities may not be polished but they have a different kind of charm. Besides it’s the people that make the place. Anyway I liked it a lot.

      • Anna Shirley on 14 April, 2016 at 02:30

        As Bratislava is capital city of my country, I want it to be the best version of itself. This place has a great potential. I am happy that you like it there and I am looking forward to see more pictures from your trips. o)

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