Madari Circular Trail in Cyprus

Madari Circular Trail in Cyprus

Madari circular trail is in my humble opinion the most beautiful trail in Cyprus. It starts just outside the village of Kyperounta in eastern Troodos Mountains and follows a well signed 13km trail with approximately 650m elevation gain through some of the most beautiful sceneries the island has to offer. Its average difficulty shouldn’t pose any problem for relative fit people or anyone who hikes on a semi-regular basis.

Hiking to Madari

The starting point is the location “Doxa si o theos” (it means praise god) just outside Kyperounta village. From there, the constantly ascending trail will lead you on the ridge of Mount Madari and all the way to the base of peak Adelfi which you will recognize easily from the fire department’s lookout that stands on top of it (Madari post). This 4 kilometer section has some amazing views left and right with Kyperounta and Chandria villages to the south and several rows of mountains to the north which belong to the greater mountain line of Troodos.

Before reaching the lookout, there is a great viewpoint to the north which shouldn’t be missed. From there, you have a clear view of Aderfi peak and the lookout itself—which is open for the public by the way. As an extra, you can hike the small circular trail that goes around the peak known as Teisia tis Madaris. Teisia is the name of the high tower-like geological formations which are scattered around the mountain. This will take an extra hour and a half to complete but if you don’t feel like doing it on the same day, you can come back another time since the lookout is accessible by car.
Leaving Adelfi peak, the trail goes downward for over six kilometers through one of the most beautiful forests of in Cyprus. This section will take you to the location Selladi tou Karamanli via one of the most isolated routes on Troodos. Dense pines and centuries old junipers cover the trail providing a broad shade which is very welcome when you hike under the blazing Mediterranean sun.

the trail of Madari through Black Forests

At Selladi tou Karamanli, you have to cross the tarmac road and take the trail which continues downhill towards Mouti tis horas which is also on a tarmac road. You will know that you are near the waypoint when the trail will start ascending again, around one kilometer before Moutti tis Horas.
The remaining distance to Doxa si o theos (starting point) is a continuous ascent a bit over 1.5km long, which makes it probably the most difficult section of Madari circular trail since you will have the accumulated tiredness of the biggest part of the hike on your back.
The whole thing will take average hikers something between four and five hours to complete depending on how many stops will be made. I can attest that it is one of the most beautiful trails in Cyprus offering spectacular views and some vigorous exercise to those who will attempt it. It’s a great choice unless you have small children with you. In that case, I would propose to choose Atalanti trail which is equal in length but with way less altitude gain making it perfect for a relaxed long half day trek.

How To Get There

Madari Circular Trail is on Troodos Mountains near Kyperounta which in turn is closest to the city of Limassol. The starting point (Doxa si o theos) is north of Kyperounta village on the way to Spilia. If you are coming from Limassol, when you get into Kyperounta (E909 road) pass the hospital on your left. After 1km, you’ll see the road to Spilia on your left (F944). Turn and keep going for another 1.8km until you reach a small crossroad. You will see the stone stairs of Doxa si o theos on your right.

Climate & Equipment

The trail is open all year round, so unless there is snow in January or February (usually doesn’t last more than a couple of weeks per year) there is nothing to worry except for the heat.
The sun in Cyprus, especially between June and September is no joke and neither is sun stroke or dehydration. Wear a hat, put on sun block and drink water as often as possible.

the fire lookout of Madari on top of Aderfi peak


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    We try to go hiking almost every weekend, so reading this made me want to go hiking there. looks so beautiful and peaceful. Great information and tips.

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      Thanks for reading! I’m not into geocaching, so I don’t know, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

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    Thanks for the great article! Any camping options near this trail?

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